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Slippery Conditions Today at school

Hi Folks,

Rob the head caretaker advised me that due to the change in temperature, the parking and walk ways may be slippery.

He has salted the walks and has called in a sanding truck. Hopefully it will get there before you.

Take care and no climbing over snow banks! Please!


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Hi folks,

I’ve got a ruling from the college that since this course is not offered under a continuing ed program, it cannot be offered as an audit course but must be for registered students only.

If you wish to sign up for this course, then you would have to adhere to the guidelines of any course offered for credit, such as assignments, attendance and exams.

I hope that perhaps if I get to do the course again, we may be able to offer it as part of continuing education and then it can be an interest based course.

Also, due to timetabling, the course must be offered from 330 to 630 on Thursdays. Not the best time, but it had to be at a time for room availability, student availability and fit into my schedule as well.

I am being allowed to redesign the course to include units on the Jazz Age which I believe are very important in the study of 20th C music but have been left out of the previous delivery of this course.

My suggestion to you all is to wait until I get this one course redesigned and delivered. Then in the Fall, I will have a better handle on how to make it even better for you.



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I’m teaching a music history course

Hi Folks,

Many of you have asked me to run a music history course sometime in the future.

Well, the future is upon us. I’ve just been hired by St. Lawrence College to offer a fun and interesting course on Music of the 20th Century.

This will include styles of Impressionism, Neo-Classicism and of course, the Jazz Eras etc.

It is a mandatory course for 3rd year students in the Music and Digital Media program.

I asked if others could sign up and the answer was yes.

Here are the details.

Class time: 130-430pm Wednesdays

Location: St. Lawrence College

Duration: 15 weeks

Cost: 325.00

Start date: January 11th.

That works out to just over 20 bucks a lecture or less than 7 bucks an hour!

The text book they are using is the same as the ones I have at my school, so you can sign one out from LaSalle.

If you are seriously interested, let me know ASAP because there are only 10 students in the college program and we may have to move to a larger room.

Email me: my email address sometimes doesn’t get posted on this blog so I’ll do it this way alfano at(@)



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No Class on Monday Dec 12th

Hi folks,

There will be no adult classes on Monday Dec.12th

Our last day of classes before the Holidays will be Thursday Dec. 22nd.

There will be no Strings classes on Friday Dec 23rd because the school timetable is shortened by half and the music room will be in use throughout the morning with high school courses and for the preparation for the afternoon school assembly.


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Pit musicians needed

Hi folks,

I just a call in desperation from a person at KC who is doing the show Legally Blonde.

The Queen’s students who said they would perform in the pit orchestra have dropped out.

The show opens this week.

They are looking for

Two trumpets, tenor sax (they can’t tell me if there are doubles involved), guitar, electric bass and another keyboard.

Here are the requirements of rehearsals and shows.


Sunday (today!) Noon to 6pm

Monday 4 to 7pm

Tuesday 4 to 7pm


Wednesday 7 to 10pm

Thursday 7 to 10pm

Friday matinee (time TBA)

Friday 7 to 10pm

Pays $250.00 total per sideman.

Do not email me on this.

Please email James Gibson-Bray (james.gibsonbray)



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Hi folks,

We are not performing this Thursday at the Portsmouth Yacht Club.


Nice playing from everyone today.

Special thank you the ringers to helped us out.


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Memorial for Bud Brown

The gathering for Bud Brown will be Sunday at 3pm.

Location is Gananoque Inn, Stone st south

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