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This takes the cake

I had a person phone me at 9am this morning who attended the show last night.

She told me that the band is too loud and she couldn’t hear the singers and she was disappointed.

I politely explained that the singers were timid in the first half but the second half she agreed was much better. I also explained how difficult the music is and that I must have many people doubling parts because they are also students and have less experience than professionals. She clearly does not understand amateur productions and expected a 42nd Street production for her 15 bucks.

How about this folks?

You tell your friends and family to come to the show and enjoy the production.

Unless they are producing the show with deep pockets and paying me my salary, tell them not to phone me.

This is supposed to be my day off although we still have a show tonight.

Keep up the good work by the way.

You’re all doing a wonderful job.

And that is from the Music Director!! Me!


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From Al and Barb Fletcher

To Chris and the Senior Band

BREAK A LEG and ENJOY THE RUN. We will be there Friday night.

Al and Barb Fletcher (a couple of mostly Beginner and a bit of Intermediate Bandsters)=

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Puttin On The Ritz

Hi folks,

In the movie DRS, they use many tunes including Puttin’ On The Ritz.

I think this would be a perfect number for the bows and exits.

Please bring your copy of this tune tonight.

I will make copies for everyone who doesn’t have it.

A great matinee today. And thank you for the birthday wishes.

Well done.


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Here’s a note from Mark Sibley.

He has recorded our last two rehearsals for your use.

Follow his link below.

Thanks to Mark for this.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – recording of practice sessions

I’ve broken recordings of our last 2 practice sessions into tracks – 14 of them.

The music can be downloaded from my Dropbox account by following the link:

I’ll bring my laptop to the rehearsal today (Tuesday) so if you bring a USB flash drive I can copy the files. (They are about 500MB).

Cheers – Mark Sibley

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Summer Band

SUMMER BAND 2014 >>>> S U M M E R B A N D !!! <<<<

Are you looking for an enjoyable way to mix with a diverse group of musicians and “keep your chops up” in air conditioned comfort? The LaSalle Summer Band will be meeting Tuesdays through the summer in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. Once again, the music will include some easier pieces and many musical styles, so that hopefully everyone feels a sense of accomplishment and is also stretched a little!

1. Where: Kingston Curling Club – Days Rd just north of Front Road.

2. When: Every Tuesday July 8th – Aug. 26th, with potentially a picnic outing Sept. 2nd.

3. Time: 9:30 am -11:30 am with a mid-practice break.

4. Conductor: David Smith – David has very extensive performing and teaching credentials. We are delighted to have him again for this summer.

5. Cost: $30 (cheque only) – make it out to LaSalle Adult Band and give to Judy Wolfe-Labbé or Nancy Cheesman – in advance if possible. At this price, even if your busy summer travels have you missing a number of sessions, you would still get your money’s worth! Percussionists play for free in lieu of the effort needed to transport equipment!

6. Music: will be provided – as will a photocopier.

7. Bring your music stand, a chair/stool (unless a chair with arms is OK), and a spit towel (sorry make that a “condensation” towel!) to go at your feet, to keep the floors dry.

8. Sign up on the sheet in the LaSalle music room or contact Mark Sibley ( no later than June 17th.

See you July 8th, 2014 at the curling club.

Mark Sibley

(for the organizing committee: Karen Wallen, Pam Sibley, Judith Wolfe-Labbé, Nancy Cheesman, Irmgard Swedersky)

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I’ve had a number of emails regarding DRS. You all did a great job during the first run through and should be very happy with yourselves. If (and when) something goes wrong (and it always happens) you can expect me to look at you! That’s my job as conductor to notice – it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play. It probably means that you should note that part and watch for it next time. Everyone is doing well and should relax and have fun and enjoy being part of the show. Remember Monday and Tuesdays are from 3 – 5. See you then. And remember, you are all an integral part of this production and the kids adore you.


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You are all invited to join Chris and I on June 7th from 1-4 to celebrate our 50th birthdays (his is actually this week on the 28th) and help up thin out the hostas which are growing fast!

For those of you who don’t know, we are at 476 Victoria Street – come around the back assuming we have a nice day and join us in the garden. This year the back yard is a little worse for wear as we are rebuilding the side fence but it will be a good time in any case and we hope you can make it.

No need to RSVP

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