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Ray Croxford

I just heard from his wife Patricia that Ray has developed some fluid on his lungs and they are treating that first and then he may have to have a stent put in after all.

They are moving him to Davies wing.

I asked her to let me know when he can take visitors again.


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Flutissimo concert

Apr 3 poster 2A revised.pdf

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From: Bob Silverman

Re: Lottery

Hi Band folks

The lottery grand prize is $48 million this Friday.

For those who want to play, I plan to be at band on both Monday and Wed. – maybe even Thur. for more filing.

If you want to play, please go right now and find either $5 in change or a bill (those are the blue ones) and put it in your pocket or purse for tomorrow. Making change is often a challenge.

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A message from Gordon Skinner.

I’ve done something to my back and don’t think I can sit through the concert tonight. If you get this e-mail in time and happen to know anyone who would like my tickets/buttons for tonight, or if you could put this on the blog, I’d be happy to give them to someone. My number is 542-4825.

Thanks Chris.

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We have been given approval to have our full day rehearsal on the PA Day of Friday May 23rd.

Hopefully, this will allow other groups to have their concerts on the Saturday as well as participate in the KSO house tour events.

It also lets me get to attend the conference at Brock U on the Sunday.

Thanks folks.


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Tenor Sax for sale

From: Bob Silverman

Tenor Sax for Sale

I am selling my Yamaha YTS62 Tenor Sax. (All part of downsizing.)

It is in great shape and has an excellent sound.

Includes: gig case, stand and original Yamaha mouthpiece.

Asking $1750 (which is below current market price).

If you know anyone in the market for such an instrument, please ask them to contact me directly.

Thanks. 613 549 3758

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PIcs from Bob Silverman

From: Bob Silverman

I posted a new file to my photoblog. Florida Dec. 2013- Jan. 2014 — almost all wildlife.

Check out if interested.

Click on a thumbnail and you will get the slideshow. There are fewer than 40 pictures though I took thousands.

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