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Here’s the video I made of the fire only about 20 minutes after it started. This is filmed a half block from our house. I didn’t want to get closer because of the gas station on the corner.

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Just back in.

Back in the house now.

All is well.

We were unbelievably lucky.

The wind was going in the wrong direction to us, so we hardly got any smoke or soot.

And lucky that the gas station didn’t go up.

If the wind had been about 10 degrees to the south, I’m sure it would’ve blown. Cars parked 30 ft from it were torched.

Have a great holiday and stay safe.

Classes resume on January 6th.

A reminder that there will be no class for beginners or intermediates on Tuesday Jan 7th because I will be in Toronto, lecturing in the Dept of Sociology at York University.


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