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Here’s the video I made of the fire only about 20 minutes after it started. This is filmed a half block from our house. I didn’t want to get closer because of the gas station on the corner.

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Sent: December 18, 2013 11:59 AM
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Katie Legere
Systems Coordinator, Queen’s University Library
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Just back in.

Back in the house now.

All is well.

We were unbelievably lucky.

The wind was going in the wrong direction to us, so we hardly got any smoke or soot.

And lucky that the gas station didn’t go up.

If the wind had been about 10 degrees to the south, I’m sure it would’ve blown. Cars parked 30 ft from it were torched.

Have a great holiday and stay safe.

Classes resume on January 6th.

A reminder that there will be no class for beginners or intermediates on Tuesday Jan 7th because I will be in Toronto, lecturing in the Dept of Sociology at York University.


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Just because we aren’t sure what tomorrow morning will bring, tomorrow’s classes are cancelled. See everyone in January.

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Still not allowed home

Keep an eye on the blog, we are still out and class may be delayed tomorrow morning.

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Status update – all fine

We have been evacuated but are fine and expect to be allowed back home tonight.If there is any chance of this affecting class tomorrow we’ll post later tonight when we know something.

Katie and Chris


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Monday Concert

Hi Folks,

Our concert is a go for a downbeat at 1030am.

Dress is black and Christmas colours of green and/or red. Whatever you’d like.

The order of tunes is as follows

C’Est Noel

Lighter Side of Christmas

Willy Wonka

White Christmas

Decide beforehand, in your section who will do the instrument demos.

The school is here at 72 Gilmour Ave just East of Portsmouth Ave off of Phillips St or Elmwood St.

There is a parking lot.

See you there.


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Dinner at Darbar

Hi folks,

After the gig on Friday, we’d like to go to Darbar again.

We haven’t been there since the last concert so we’re looking for to Indian food again.

Send me an email by Thursday if you want to be included in the reservation.



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