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Sad news

Hi folks,

My father has died early this morning.

I will not be having any of my adult classes until further notice.

Please pass on this message to those that may not have access to the blog.

Thank you for all of your support.



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Painting Miss Daisy

For all those car buffs, this is what Katie and I are doing in our spare time.

Wait a minute! What spare time!?

Check out the link.

You’ll be able to follow the progress over the winter months.


Subject: car pics

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Woodwind lecture.

Friday October 25 1:30pm Harrison-LeCaine Hall, Room 124, Colloquium presentation. Catherine Norris: Introduction to Woodwind Extended Techniques. Admission Free.=

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re notice for the lasalle email list

Woodwind clinic available.

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lotery info

Hey folks,

Attached is info from Bob Silverman who is running the lottery pool for us now.



group lottery.docx

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Hi folks,

Darbar has once again sponsored our series and we would like to have dinner there right after our concert next Friday.

If you are interested in joining us, just email me directly at with the subject line “Darbar” and list how many in your party would like to attend.

I will tally the list and submit it to the restaurant. Please let me know soon.



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Hi Folks,

This is Safety Week at LaSalle and we may have drills during our classes today or tomorrow.

I’d like to give you a heads up on procedures.

Please read the following carefully and share it with your colleagues.

Fire Drill.

In the event of a fire alarm, we must all vacate the premises quickly as possible.

If you are in the music room, all playing shall cease. Leave your instrument on your chair.

If you can get to your coat quickly, then do so. We shall all exit the room through the back door and walk safely across the driveway to the paved area and await further instructions.

If you are en route in the hall or in the washroom, seek out the nearest exit and follow the other students safely to their muster area. If you’d like to walk around outside to join our group, then feel free to do so.

If you are cold or have issues with standing for a long period, you may go and sit in your car.

You may NOT drive off school property until the ‘all clear’ signal is given.

Once the fire drill starts, we are all stuck on the property for the duration. No exceptions.

Lockdown Procedure.

In the event of a threat from an intruder or a suspicious person in the vicinity of the school who has be identified to us as a threat to our safety, the school will initiate a Lockdown.

A special alarm will sound over the PA followed by an announcement that “Lockdown is in effect”

At this point, all music activity must stop.

You will stand up and move quietly and slowly over to the sink area of the room.

We must maintain complete silence duration this procedure.

The front door will be locked by me and a cover will be put on the window.

The lights will be shut off.

The stick that props open the back door must be removed and the door secured.

We stay in this position until further notice over the PA.

If the alarm happens during our break and you are en route or in the washroom, DO NOT attempt to return to the music room.

You must seek out the nearest open classroom and ask to be admitted. Identify yourself as an adult music student to the teacher and follow their instructions.

Print this email and share it with your colleagues.

Thanks for your support.

There will be fire and police officers and other monitors watching how all LaSalle handles these events and a report will be given.

Please, let’s not be in the report on the negative side.


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