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Washroom key

Hi folks,

We have misplaced the washroom key that is usually attached to a yellow plastic clothes peg.

It went missing we think last Wednesday.

Would you check your pockets, cases or if anyone remembers using it that day, would you email me and let me know where you last saw it?

It is a master key for many rooms in the school including the main office, so if we can’t find it soon, I will have to inform Talya that it is missing and presumed in the hands of a student.



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Hi folks,

I’ve been fighting a gastro intestinal bug the last few days and last night was not good.

So, I’ve decided to cancel class today.

Please inform those who may not check their email this morning.

I will have a notice posted on the door.



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Being forwarded message.

From: Mark & Pam Sibley

Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2012 11:26 AM

To: Chris Alfano

Cc: David Smith



Could I impose on you to post the following on the LaSalle band blog if you deem appropriate. (I know not all recipients of the blog were in summer band, but I don’t have e-mails for many of the participants).


Thank you to all who participated in summer band. Thanks also go out to David Smith for a fine job conducting, to Chris Alfano for selecting music, to Betty-Ann and Dave Field for hosting our season ending lunch.

A special thanks goes out to those who worked on the organizing committee (planning, copying music, correcting copies, etc.): Karen Wallen; Susan LeBaron; Irmgard Swedersky; Judith Wolfe-Labbé ; Nancy Cheesman; Gord Skinner; Pam Sibley.

Thank you Judith and Nancy for managing the finances and preparing the statement below. We thought we might bring our bank balance down substantially. It looks like we do not need to raise prices next year and in fact we may want to lower prices!

Cheers – Mark Sibley



Balance Brought Forward $3,330.94 Inventory: 3 vests @ 28.36, designer cards
(Irmgard cards and envelopes; Judy L. 21 cards)


Summer Band Dues 40 x $40.00 = $ 1,600.00

Bank Interest and $1.00 to keep
account open 1.31

Honorarium from Harbour Place 200.00
$ 5, 132.25


New Music $ 231.17

Photocopying Music (Susan L., Karen W., Irmgard S.,
Gord S., Nancy C., Pam and Mark S. ) 177.78

Conductors (H. Friedle and David Smith) 990.00

Gifts ( Sibleys, Smith, Fields) 144.90

Rental Curling Club 10 weeks 350.00


$ 1,893.96

Account Balance : $ 3,238.29

Judith Wolfe-Labbé Nancy Cheesman

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The Dragoon and the Lady

Hi Folks,

For all of you who attended the Friday concert, I had an idea this morning. I had a feeling that the tune I couldn’t find had something to do with a Dragoon and not a Dragon.

So, I typed in the title backwards and wrote The Dragoon and the Lady instead of The Lady and The Dragoon.

And, here it is.

Thanks for coming to the concert.



Come now all you good people,

I pray now lend an ear.

‘Tis of a jolly dragoon and soon ye shall hear.

He courted a lady, a lady rich and fair,

So how they got married oh now* you shall hear.

My father was a knight and an honour to the crown,

And if I wed a soldier you’ll pull his honour down,

And thy birth and my birth will never agree,

So take it as an answer, dear dragoon, says she.

An answer, an answer, an answer I won’t take.

I’d rather lay my life down or of my love forsake.

In hearing of these words wishing the lady’s heart to bleed,

Together they went and was married with speed.

Oh when they were married and returning back again

She saw her father coming took by armed men.

0 dear, replies the lady, I fear I shall be slain.

0 fear not at all, says the valiant dragoon.

So now my dearest Polly no time there is to prattle.

So see how they are armed and fix@d for the battle.

He drawed his sword and pistol the buckles they did rattle,

The lady held the horse while the dragoon fought the battle.

Now all you good people that have got rich in store,

Never disdain a soldier because he is poor.

For he that is poor will fight for his own.

Here’s health to the King and the jolly dragoon.

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From David Lysne,

“The LaSalle Causeway Swing Band will be performing at the “Schoolhouse”,

tomorrow night, Saturday, November 17, from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm, in Bellrock, ON.

The performance is a benefit in support of the “Schoolhouse”, now Bellrock Hall, and will feature, along with our traditional instrumental favourites, local vocalist, Connie Shibley,

who will be singing such numbers as “All of Me” and “Teach Me Tonight”. There is no cover charge but there will be a free will offering.”

“For directions: Going north from Kingston take the Highway 38 sign to Harrowsmith, Verona etc.. Just before the speed limit sign to Verona turn left just past the Foodland Store

(about 50 metres) on Bellrock Road—a bit past the bridge under construction.

Follow Bellrock Road for 6 kilometres until you reach the town. In Bellrock, turn right on Levesque Road.

Continue on Lévesque Road and you will come upon the venue (old Schoolhouse). There is parking in front of the building.”

As always, many thanks,

David L

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Website Redesign – stage 2

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey regarding Chris’s website. Many of you made insightful comments and had great suggestions which I am now trying to incorporate into the new design. Of course wishing for a ‘press dropdown’ is only really great if there’s press so some things will be more do-able than others in the short term!
In phase two I have an initial design of the front page here: that I would like feedback on (fill out the 5 question survey here: ) and I would like to solicit pictures. Many of you felt (and it is true) that the pictures were quite out of date. Send me your pictures and I will include them in flickr and then use that to show them in a far more dynamic way on the site.
Thanks once again for participating!


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Another gig

Hi folks,

I was asked by the athletic director of LaSalle, Reuben Brunet if we could perform for a half hour outside by the field house from 1230 to 1pm on Friday. It would be great fun since many schools will be there for the sporting event hosted by LaSalle and I know we would be well received by all. Also, it would be a great photo op for Dr. Cook from Toronto.

The weather is supposed to be at least 7C and sunny.

We could have lunch catered in which I could set up for us if we have enough people that are interested.

I’ll ask for a show of hands at Wednesday’s rehearsal. We could play Party Rock Anthem. The kids would love it!



PS I was called out of class today because the police were on the phone for me.

My father was found at the Riocan Centre and the employees of the Dollar Store where he was, called the police because he didn’t know where or who he was.

Check out my dad’s blog later tonight because Katie will post more details of today. It’s been exhausting to say the least.


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