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Music Stands

Hi folks,

If you are coming to band tomorrow, would please bring a stand?

We will be short at least 15 stands because the high school are going to Kiwanis Music Festival.



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From David Lysne.

From: David Lysne []
Sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2012 9:59 AM
Subject: Feast of Mardi Gras: Feb 21: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Corner of Clergy and Princess)


If you have any time today, I think Reverend Mark Tremblay might appreciate these two attachments being brought to the attention of the LaSalle Concert Band.

As you know, the LaSalle Causeway (Swing) Band will be playing background music for the feast from about 6:00-700 p.m.. And on that note,

I do not think you need to be shy in saying that you will be playing trumpet and Katie will be on the Bari.

David L

P.S. I hope you read the article that I wrote about this morning


Mardi Gras Press Release-1.pdf

Mardi Gras Invite.pdf

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