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Doug Rooks email for Strings info

Hi folks,

Doug Rooks asked me to post his home email so you can advise any string students of it so they may get in touch with him directly.


It’s drooks


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summer band

SUMMER BAND Wolf Island Practice & Pot Luck



Pot Luck lunch – anything you want

Ferry leaves at 8:30am, you should arrive before 8:15. Carpool parking at end of dock.

When you drive off ferry:

turn left,

drive 5km, turn left at 10th Line Rd.

drive 1km to 77C

Those with mobility problems or large instruments use 77C driveway

All others please use 77B/C and park on grass.

We will supply plates, cutlery, and drinks.

Bring bathers etc.

Bring a chair for practice, a lawn chair, hat, sunscreen,etc.

Your spouse, partner, friend is welcome.

Ferry returns at 12:00 noon, 1:15pm, 2:30, 3:30 etc.

If it is raining we will practice at the Curling Club but NO pot luck. We have not rented the kitchen.

All members who do not come to the winter LaSalle Band please give me your music at the end of practice Thank you.



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Start up

Hi Folks,

We will start up on Wednesday Sept 7th.

Again, here is the schedule of classes for this Fall.

Monday Per. 1 Beginners.

Monday Pers. 2 and 3 Senior Band

Tuesday Per. 1 Beginners.

Tuesday Pers. 2 and 3 Intermediate Band

Wednesday Per. 1 Beginners.

Wednesday Pers. 2 and 3 Senior Band

Thursday Per. 1 Intermediate band.

Thursday Per. 2 Sight Reading including intermediate band members.

Friday. No classes.

Per. 1 815 – 915am

Per. 2 930 – 1030am (this includes set up time)

Coffee Break.

Per. 3 1045 to 1130am

There may be an extra hour of sight reading on Thursdays at specified times throughout the semester if I need to bank time in order to travel for gigs out of town.

I’m looking forward to performing concerts with both the senior and intermediate bands throughout the semester and perhaps go on a trip before the snow flies. These concerts will take place in the afternoons and will be opposite the days that each band is performing. So, concerts for the senior band will most likely be scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Intermediate band concerts will be scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays. This way, each band will get more performance time outside the classroom without interrupting classes.

As always, you folks are the best people to canvass schools, and events that would like to have us perform for them.



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New sidewalk

Hi folks,

I’ve just heard from Rob Stevenson, the head caretaker.

He said that a new sidewalk has been installed from the driveway to the back door of the music room.

So, this year, you will have easy access to the music room.

I thanked Rob on behalf of the band classes. In the Fall, perhaps we can get a card signed for him.

It wasn’t on the books yet when the concrete workers came around to fix the sidewalks, but Rob knew that we had put a work order in and asked if it could be done while they were there. They agreed.


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Here Is a note from Hugh Stafford concerning his health.

He has also asked that you do not call or visit him. However, he would like you all to keep him in your thoughts.



Hi Folks:

I was admitted to KGH about two weeks ago where I was diagnosed with serious heart failure from a deteriorating heart condition. Angiogram showed of the three main arteries two are completely blocked and the third is 80 percent blocked with no hope of recovery.

The doctors, therefore, told me I must face up that prognosis is poor and I am put on a medication program in hopes of a stable condition but unable to improve condition.

On Thurs. Aug. 4 I was released from KGH to home and my first decent cup of tea in weeks.

However, I have everything at home and care. Both my son Larry and daughter Joyce have close contact with me and are giving me first rate care although I am totally lacking in energy.

Phone calls are not encouraged due to the need for constant rest and visits by care workers.

We can only hope for the best and I will do a follow-up if and when I am well enough.

Thanks to all.


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