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From Karen and summer band

From: Karen Wallen []
Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2011 10:30 PM
To: Chris Alfano
Subject: blog message

Please put the following on the blog. Thanks very much.

Summer Band Gig

Where: The Waterford Retirement Residence

When: Monday, July 18

Time: 2- 3:30pm

Dress: decide on Tuesday what you want to wear.

We will be playing under the covered parking area behind the building.

After we play everyone has been invited to join their BBQ. In order to put out the right

number of chairs, I need to know the number of people going. For the BBQ they need to

know how many each want: hamburger, hot dog, iced tea,pepsi or ginger ale

Barbara Shaw will be taking a count on Tuesday;

If you know anyone who does not get this blog, please give them the information and

ask their answers to the above questions.

If it rains we will be playing inside.

Thank you very much. See you on Monday, July 18 at The Waterford.



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