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1. Where: Kingston Curling Club – Days Rd and Front

2. When: Every Tuesday July 5, 2011 – Aug.30, 2011

3. Time: 9:30 am -11:30 am

4.Conductor: Don Burke

5.Cost: $45 cheque only – make it out to LaSalle Adult Band

-give to Judy

6.Music: everyone will get a folder with one copy of each piece in it on the first day.

When you arrive: flute, oboe, clarinet players go to table 1

bassoon, sax, trumpet players go to table 2

horns, trombones players go to table 3

everyone else go to table 4

For people not in the LaSalle Band this folder will be handed back the last day .

LaSalle Band members will put the music into their winter binders on the last day for more practise with


You are responsible for bringing your music each week.

You will NOT be given any more copies. If you forget it, look on with your neighbour. If you lose it

borrow from your neighbour and copy it.

***LaSalle Band please bring your winter music as we have a gig in early July. We will not be ready with new

music so will play some from our winter repetroire. I will have the charts there and give out the music

for this gig on the first day.***

7. Bring your music stand, a chair, and a spit towel (everyone)to go under your feet and your music.

See you July 5, 2011 at the curling club.


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No class on Thursday

Hi folks,

There will be no classes tomorrow for either intermediates or senior band.

I’m fighting a cold and losing at the moment.


Please inform all of those that may not be registered with the blog.


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Summer Band message for blog

From: Karen Wallen []
Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 5:56 PM
To: Chris Alfano
Subject: Summer Band message for blog

Would you please put the attached message concerning the Summer Band on the blog? Thanks.


Blog Band message.odt

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Hosta la Vista party

Hi Folks,

We’re having our annual ( even though we missed last year!) Hosta la Vista party, where we divide up our hostas and give them away.

It is this coming Sunday May 22nd from 2 to 4pm. Rain or shine.

Come for a glass of wine and a few snacks and help yourself to some plants.

If you’d like to bring something from your garden, that’s fine but not necessary. No ground cover please.

Anything in a plastic bag that is around the light standard is for the taking.

If you bring something, place it on the BBQ pit deck.



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Lotto Max

A message from Brad.

He will be starting a new lotto max collection this week and will only be in class on Monday and Wednesday, so bring your ‘dough’ then.



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one more

Hi folks,

We have one more to do and that’s it.

Thanks for your hard work.

Remember our party tonight at the Holiday Inn.

Even if you haven’t played in the show and are still up at 1030! Come by and join us.

At the end of tonight, firstly, please remove all of your personal gear and vacate your equipment from the pit as soon as possible.

I must return all the chairs to the little theatre for Sunday morning church service. Your help with moving chairs, dismantling lights and taking equipment back to the music room would be greatly appreciated.


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After show party on Saturday

Hi folks,

Susan LeBaron has booked the Holiday Inn for our get together after the Saturday show.

The kitchen is open to midnight and there is plenty of parking.

There is no band playing that night so it should be quiet, unless you all want to run through Act One again!

Also, there will be no show next week.

It’s all over on Saturday.

Looking forward to opening night tonight.

Stay on your toes. Some of the kids may be nervous and will require extra direction and musical attention from us.


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