Just a note to let everyone know that Don had successful surgery this morning October 13th for the Aneurysm on his Aorta. He will be home tomorrow and we are very thankful for all your prayers and good wishes. Thank you so much.

Love, Colleen

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Hi folks,

Just in case you don’t have it jotted down, tomorrow is our first concert of the 2017-18 season.

It starts with Dave Barton and myself playing some jazz standards as a duo. I’ll be playing tenor sax as well on this date.

After the concert, we will be going to Darbar Indian restaurant who is once again, sponsoring our series.

Concert is from 5pm to 545pm at St. Mark’s Church, Victoria/Earl St. Tickets are 15 dollars at the door or you can buy a subscription for the series of 5 concerts for 50 dollars.

Hope to see you there.


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Interesting talk open to you.


Below is a message I relay from his wife Colleen,


Don is in KGH after a visit to Emergency on Wednesday. He was having shortness of breath, back pain etc. for most of the summer and beyond so my daughter and I decided to take him in. They have discovered that his Aorta had enlarged to the size of a grapefruit. The vascular surgeon was in to see him yesterday and plans to operate next week sometime. We are more hopeful now that we talked to him.

I thought you and his band mates might like to know what is going on.

Colleen Hart

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Hi folks,

It’s time to thin out the repertoire a little.

On the back filing cabinets you will find the folders to the following charts.


Brazilian Fantasy


In the Winter of 1780

Jazz Singer

Jersey Bounce

Kiss Me Kate

Salute the Duke

Sinatra in Concert

Shades of Blue


Willy Wonka

I have pulled three more charts for us to try.

Mancini Spectacular

Michel Legrand

Gathering of the Yeomen

If you have them in your home repertoire, bring them to class.



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From Gordon Skinner

Hello band members,

A few band members suggested that I post a list of the remaining things our group still needs for Olive, the Ugandan Refugee we are sponsoring. We seem to keep discovering things we have missed and at the moment we need are some ladies size 8 slippers, an indoor collapsible clothes drying rack, an umbrella, a rain coat for a small woman ( 5′ 4" slight build, about a size 4 to 6) and some dish cloths. If anyone has any of these things lying around, used is fine, then Olive would love them.



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Hi folks,

Here is the line up for this year’s series.

I’ll have key tags available starting tomorrow.



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