Due to high winds and thunderstorms.
We’ll try again tomorrow.

Here is information for Band members who have not played at Harbour Place:

You can drive up the ramp at 185 Ontario St. and drop off your chair and stand. There is parking for 7 cars on the podium for those with mobility issues and/or heavy instruments.

The party is from 4:00 to 6:00 and we play for 45 minutes before we sample the wine. There will be a table full of cheese and paté covered with a tablecloth and labelled “ for the Band”.
Water and lemonade will also be available. An honorarium will be paid to the Band, as well.

Chris will notify the Band via the Blog around noon if the gig is cancelled due to bad weather. Follow the same instruction for the following day if necessary.

Don’t forget to bring wind clips, stands and chairs.


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Thursday, June 22 is Music Room sorting and filing. We will start at 9am. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Hi folks,

Andy Hills must have the music room to do performance exams all day on Wednesday. His class is made up of Senior students and their exam period starts earlier so that marks can be submitted for Graduation.

Sadly, I did not realize this until yesterday.

So our last class will be Monday June 19th for Senior and beginner Bands.

There will be no Wednesday adult classes on the 21st as previously scheduled.

There will be beginner strings and Intermediate Band on Tuesday June 20th as well as our Harbourplace concert at 415pm.

Sorry for the confusion.


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Star Wars Sage

Disney Film Favourites

You Needed Me

New Sounds of the Carpenters

Mister Sandman

Swinging On A Star

Lullaby of Broadway

By The Time I Get to Phoenix.

Down Beat 415pm. Tuesday June 20th

Bring a chair, stand, wind clips.

Dress is casual


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Go to mail:kingstonchamberchoir.ca and you can order tickets directly from the website. Since it is a fundraiser, a $50 tax deduction is also available. The cost includes bus ride, premium seats, and dinner at the Oshawa Mandarin on the way home. August 9th is the date. I don’t know how many tickets are still available.

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